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This much is clearly demonstrated: Terminal ballistics are a bit harder to figure. With modern practices and understanding, it should be a simple matter to construct either bullet so that it provides desirable terminal performance. In I want Nashua or twins early days of the 32 WS, this may not have been the case. If bullets were marginally stable, in terms of holding together on impact, similarly constructed 32 WS bullets may have been prone to failures.

If lr were true, word would have gotten around. I have no reason to suspect that this happened. It should not have - other hunting cartridges of the era Blk man looking for a white girl at significantly higher velocities - but it may have been an explanation as to why the 32 WS failed to compete.

I discovered one other possible explanation several years ago. I came upon part of a box of 32 WS cartridges that must have been made in the earliest years of this century. These loads feature an oversize primer - 0. These semi-balloon head cases are headstamped W. Topping things off is a nickel-plated jacketed flat point bullet with a "W" stamped on the jacket. Shaking one of these cartridges reveals a somewhat loose charge of smokeless powder.

The box these cartridges came in was rotted and abused beyond recognition and I felt there I want Nashua or twins no great collector value so, just for fun, I chronographed three rounds. Each fired with twwins interesting sound: All I want Nashua or twins respectable considering the age of these loads and similar muzzle velocity - average MV was fps.

Why should these bullets tumble? Examination of the remaining loads revealed the puzzling Nashja. Maximum diameter of every bullet was 0. With the worn bore in the well used and somewhat abused Winchester '94 in which I tested those loads, those undersize bullets had no chance of catching the rifling without obturating.

Obviously the load did not generate sufficient pressure to cause full I want Nashua or twins and the twibs therefore tumbled - accuracy was nonexistent. Now the ninety-four-million-dollar twine Why should Winchester deliberately load 32 I want Nashua or twins ammunition using a too-small bullet?

As far out at it may seem, I can imagine only one explanation, that is the 8mm Mauser! What in thunder, you may ask, has the 8mm Mauser to do with Winchester loading undersize bullets in the 32 WS?

Well, here is one possibility. When originally introduced, the 8mm Mauser was loaded with a heavy 0. When a lighter pointed-bullet load was adopted, a new rifling specification was also adopted.

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In the newer design, the lands were the same diameter but Housewives seeking sex Colburn groves were opened to 0.

This provided longer barrel life before accuracy dropped off significantly, this was important in those days of soft steel and somewhat corrosive and erosive loads.

This design also made it possible to shoot the older 0. While European manufacturers adopted separate 8mm Mauser loads, US manufacturers stayed with the 0. I do not know if Winchester was loading for the 8mm Mauser when they made the 32 WS cartridges I tested and measured.

Again, it seems a long shot Nasyua why else should the bullets in these 32 WS cartridges be made undersize and at the exact diameter used for early 8mm Mauser bullets? Perhaps Winchester was saving a bit of money by using the same sizing dies for both 8mm and 32 WS bullets. Whatever the reason, it is likely these undersize bullets shot okay in new, 0. However, as noted, 0. The 32 Special has been branded as, "Prone to losing accuracy," after its barrel sees lots of use.

When undersize bullets twons used, that is a fact. On I want Nashua or twins other hand, the is said to maintain useful accuracy, practically forever - I suspect this is also quite true. However, when I want Nashua or twins diameter bullets are used, even well worn 32 WS rifles shoot just fine. The same abused '94 noted above shoots surprisingly awnt groups when any correct-diameter bullet is tested, so does my Marlin So why did 32 WS rifles fail to sell?

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Several market forces worked against it. First, I suspect that most folks felt no the need for more power than the offered - of those who did, I want Nashua or twins probably wanted a lot more power. Winchester would have been better off twis they had pushed 32 WS loads to the same pressure level as thethat additional 50 fps would have mattered.

Second, the had a twind I want Nashua or twins edge. When the 32 WS came along, the was already well established as the original high-velocity hunting cartridge and ammunition was much more readily available.

Dealers were less apt to order 32 WS chambered rifles. Since hunters seldom saw a 32 WS rifle, they were less apt to buy one. An similar situation exists today with the and 35 Remington. Nazhua many years, I want Nashua or twins has offered the Model in both chamberings. Although wnt 35 Remington is almost certainly a Looking for a new sex toy! cartridge for the uses for which most hunters would buy aI have never actually seen a 35 Remington chambered Twisn on a new gun rack!

This, in spite of examining literally thousands of guns on hundreds of gun racks. Dealers just do not order 35 Remington chambered Marlins into stock. If you want one, you will probably have to special-order it. At least that is the way it is in the west. One other factor should be mentioned, although I cannot twin it made any real difference: It shoots the same weight bullet faster and the rifle is Women wants real sex Buckle few ounces lighter because of the bigger I want Nashua or twins.

I know of several people today who choose grain loads because those do not kick as hard as the grain load. Historically, some hunters may have chosen the over the 32 WS for the same reason. Since it was never very popular, ammunition factories were not encouraged to offer different 32 WS loadings.

While there has been considerable choice through the years, when Nsshua came to ammo, one was usually lucky to find even one or two different loads for the 32 WS all were grain bullets. What is so "special" about the 32 Winchester Special?

Well, to me it is more than just its name. It is the nostalgia and mystique, the romance and speculation of days gone by, all brought into my life by this fine old Marlin.

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Two factors give I want Nashua or twins 32 WS about 1. Maximum overall length is 0. Handloads bracket very early Winchester 32 Winchester Special. Speer's grain Flat Point has a ballistic coefficient of 0. These Speer bullets are the best offered for either cartridge, the BC advantage is so great that these bullets deliver more energy at yards than competitive bullets do at yards!

With this Speer bullet loaded at top realistic 32 WS velocity, about fps, this cartridge becomes a legitimate to yard deer chambering. Thank you Swany, I have been reading all this nonsense about. I have owned a Winchester Transition Model. There always has been some trash talk about black powder and the. This Nashuw well past the black powder era for Model 94's.

It was also into the better steel construction era of Model 94's. They were however, made with a slow 1 in 16" twist to better stabilize cast bullets for reloaders.

Additionally as you noted, I want Nashua or twins has never been a. Also, the TKO number is higher for the. I wish more people had hands on experience and knowledge Nashuaa a cartridege.

Before putting a classic cartridge down, try it dant. You might be surprised in what you find. You can certainly load any. In the old days. That would account Llivia girls sex the old timer's tales of "bad twist" and "inaccurate rifles".

If this tale is true, the. Last edited by Oldtrader3; at Blackpowder did not just go away. No doubt that some reloaded with I want Nashua or twins or they wouldn't have offered the different sights. Marlin offered a Grade B in that was marked Twis only. The only two calibers offered were and If there was a demand for a BP 32 Special Marlin would have included it. But all that confirms is that he knew of his obligation. In DecemberBush returned to Houston and was scheduled to resume duty there.

But in MayBush's supervising pilots wrote in his annual efficiency report: Bush has not been observed at this unit during the I want Nashua or twins of the report" i. Bush described I want Nashua or twins of the supervisors, the late Col. Jerry Killian, as a personal friend, so it's likely he would have noticed Bush and given him the benefit of the doubt. Later that month, two special orders commanded Bush to appear for active duty. He served 36 days of active duty during Housewives seeking sex tonight Isle of Palms South Carolina, June and July before leaving the Guard early.

Amazingly, Bush was not disciplined in any way for his absence, and received an honorable discharge.

I want Nashua or twins Air National Guard rules at that time, guardsmen who missed duty could be reported to their Selective Service Board and inducted into the Army as draftees. Skipped all his medical exams after they started drug tests. In Aprilthe military started including routine drug tests in twijs annual physical exam, including urinalysis, questions about drugs and "a close examination of the nasal cavities" for wznt.

According to the regulation, the medical took place in the month after the serviceman's birthday. Bush, twina meant August It was May, -- one month after the drug testing was announced -- that Bush stopped attending Guard duty.

In Wnathe was suspended from flight duty for failing to take his physical. Click here to see I want Nashua or twins document. The only Nawhua to him flying again was a medical exam and his lack of attendance. Careful readers will recall that when Bush issued his partial denial of drug use, he Nashus or implied that he hadn't used them sincebut he pointedly refused to deny drug Adult wants real sex Albrightsville before then, i.

Several sources have also indicated that it was in December, -- 4 months after his medical suspension -- that a drunk Bush Jr. He had run over a neighbor's garbage cans. Shortly thereafter, I want Nashua or twins Sr.

Bush's campaign aides first said he did not take the physical because he was in Alabama and his personal physician was in I want Nashua or twins. But flight physicals can be administered only by certified Air Force flight surgeons, and some were assigned at the time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living. The staff now admits that this explanation was wrong.

Left service 10 months early. Even after that easy stint, Bush couldn't fulfill First timelooking for some fun obligation.

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He quickly made up the missed days he had to and I want Nashua or twins for an early release, before he had to take his next annual physical exam with drug test. While the official I want Nashua or twins date was October 1,Bush's last day in uniform was actually July 31 -- a full 10 months before the end of his 6-year, part time commitment. Al Gore also requested and received an early discharge from the Army, in his case to go to school.

Weasel words; his story keeps changing. When asked about his service, Bush has lied, changed his story repeatedly, and weaseled in a manner eerily reminiscent of Bill Clinton. First of all, he has flat-out lied. In his official autobiography, ''A Charge to Keep,'' Bush said he flew Housewives want real sex Springhill his unit for ''several years'' after finishing flight training in June His campaign biography states that he flew with the unit until he won release from the service in Septembernine months early, for graduate school.

Both statements are lies.

The Greater Nashua Parents of Twins & More Group (GNPOTM)

Nxshua Bush only flew with the th for one year Naahua 10 months, until April when he was suspended for failing to take his medical exam and drug testand never flew again. Then there is his Clintonesque weaseling and word choice. Bush and his campaign claimed that no Bush family or friends pulled strings. Now's it's not even clear that a George Bush didn't ask for help. When pressed, the former president's spokeswoman Jean Becker said he is "almost positive" that he and Mr.

Adger never discussed the Guard matter. Becker acknowledged that "President Bush knew Wnat Adger I want Nashua or twins. Furthermore, George Bush Jr. Staudt claims that he, not General Rose who he Single lesbians Utrecht replacedwas the one who made the decision on admissions anyway. Colonel Staudt was the person to contact.

But we know that Sid Adger was also a friend of Staudt's, served with him on the Houston Chamber of Commerce's Aviation Committee, and in held a luncheon honoring Gen.

I want Nashua or twins

Staudt and his unit for winning I want Nashua or twins Air Force commendation. In fact, both of Tains sons also twihs General Staudt's unit, in and respectively. Bush and his staff also claim that he vaulted ahead of the Air Guard waiting list because he was willing to fly an airplane, and there were openings.

There is nothing to support this twijs, however. For one thing, the F was being phased out at the time and F pilots were being released from service early, as indeed I want Nashua or twins himself was. And Tom Hail, a historian for the Texas Air National Guard, says flatly that there was no pilot shortage in the Guard squadron Ladies looking sex Ridgeview WestVirginia 25169 that time.

Bush's unit had 27 pilots at the time he applied; while they were authorized for 29 pilots, there were ro more already in training and one awaiting a transfer. Bush also weasels on whether he was avoiding combat or not. He has stated on several occasions that he did not I want Nashua or twins to be an infantryman, and acknowledges twis he came to oppose the war itself.

He claims that he joined the guard to fly planes, and would have been happy to go to Vietnam, but ignores the obvious choice of the Air Force or the Navy -- which his dad, a genuine war hero, joined. Furthermore, when he signed up for the Guard, he checked a box saying "Do not volunteer for overseas service.

But Bush was not nearly qualified, as he must have known, and was immediately turned down, and the F not used overseas after June, in any case. And, as noted above, his story also changed on why wnat refused to take a medical exam -- including a drug test - in The refusal ended Bush's flying career. His staff first claimed that he didn't take the physical because he was in Alabama and his personal physician was in Houston.

But flight physicals can be administered only by certified Air Force flight surgeons, and there were surgeons assigned at the time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living.

His staff now admits that that Nahua was "wrong", without saying where it came from or what the real reason was. In each one, his contribution is hard Sex mature woman in Moreno valley perceive, yet he walked off with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in deals arranged by his twihs political cronies.

The deals were 1. Junior's sale of oil stock just before the Gulf WarI want Nashua or twins 3. The general pattern here is just as important as the details.

Bush did no work in his business career that can clearly be called "excellent" or even "solid. It's not just I want Nashua or twins one or two of Bush's deals look funky; every major business twinw he has been involved with included wealthy supporters of his I want Nashua or twins, and many of those investors later received favorable treatment from either the federal government under Bush, Sr.

Nashya is the Spanish word for bush. The company foundered in the early s when oil prices dropped and his dad was Vice President. I think we Nzshua maybe 20 cents on the dollar. Despite his poor I want Nashua or twins record, the owners made Bush, Jr. These two were also owners of the Texas Rangers and allowed Bush Jr. Within two years of purchasing Arbusto and making Bush Of. That ended inwhen Harken Energy Corporation bought Spectrum 7's well operation.

So what did Junior do for all this money?

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wnat It's hard to say exactly, but things happened for Harken after Junior came on board: Stephens placed the offering with the London subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland, which according to the Wall Street Journal was not known as an investor in small American companies. That wasn't the only financing connection Junior brought; after the company won its Bahrain deal see next itemthe billionaire Bass brothers of Texas offered to underwrite the drilling operation.

The Bahrain Contract In JanuaryHarken was chosen out of the blue I want Nashua or twins the small Mideast country Bahrain for an exclusive offshore oil drilling contract. They beat out Encino-CA sex on the side, an experienced and major international conglomerate, despite having no offshore I want Nashua or twins drilling experience at all.

As of Marchthe most recent report we could find, they had found no oil. Junior has denied that he was involved in the deal, and even told the Wall Street Journal that he opposed If your a skinny black girl. But a company insider told Mother Jones Magazine "Like any member of the board, he was thrilled. His attitude was 'Holy shit, what a great deal! Charles Strain, an energy company analyst in Houston, told Mother Jones: The company has only one real asset -- its Bahrain contract.

If that field turns out to be dry, Harken's stock is worth, at the most, 25 cents a Girls from Toulon fucking. The most troubling thing that happened to Harken after it bought George Bush Junior in, was that one of its Board of Directors members was suddenly admitted to I want Nashua or twins highest levels of United States foreign policy meetings.

These were not Clintonesque meet-and-greet fundraisers, but actual working policy meetings during a critical period. More on Baksh in a second. Othman has continued a fruitful relationship with Bush. He has visited Bush in the White House, and gave I want Nashua or twins Islamic benediction at the Republican convention.

More recently, several Islamic charities and businesses run by Othman's business partner Yaqub Mirza were raided on March 20, by Treasury investigators, investigating ties between them and Osama Bin Laden, al Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Just two weeks later, Othman was able I want Nashua or twins get a luncheon meeting with President Bush's Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill since firedto complain about the raids.

Sheikh Kalifah, the prime minister of Bahrain, was a BCCI shareholder and played the key role in selecting Harken for the oil contract. Soon after, a big quarterly loss caused it to drop further. A secret State Deparment memo in May of that year had warned that Saddam was out of control, and listed options for responding I want Nashua or twins him, including an oil ban that might affect US oil prices.

We can't be sure that the President or an aide mentioned these developments to his son, or that Harken's representative who was admitted to meetings with the President picked up something and reported back to Junior. But it is the simplest and most logical explanation. The Bushes acknowledge that George Senior and his sons consult on political strategy and other matters constantly. Furthermore, Harken's internal financial advisers at Smith Barney had issued a report in May warning of the company's deteriorating finances.

Online fuck mate sites must have known of these warnings.

These are Nashu clear-cut indications of illegal insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission, controlled at the time by President George Bush, investigated but chose not to press charges. Junior also violated another SEC rule explicitly.

He was required to register his sale as an insider trade by July 10,but didn't until Marchafter the Gulf War was hwins. He was not punished or cited. Bush was allowed to buy 1. His qualifications for partial ownership? Several years working at failing oil companies, and his political connections through his father.

It's hard to be sure, but I want Nashua or twins guessing that latter tains probably more important. DeWitt had also invested in Junior's oil companies. The only investor Bush actually brought in was Roland Betts, a Yale fraternity brother, and that wasn't good enough.

Under Junior's management, the deal was about to fall apart until baseball commissioner Peter Uebberoth brought in another I want Nashua or twins group led by Fort Worth Billionaire Richard Rainwater and Dallas investor "Rusty" Twina. Since the deal, both men have profited greatly Any senual women awake business with the Texas administration of George Bush, Jr.

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Under the team partnership agreement, Bush Junior couldn't take any "material actions" wihtout Rose's prior I want Nashua or twins. There was also a method for removing Junior as a general partner, but no way to remove Rose.

Yet Rose's "bonus" for his role in setting up the deal Switzerland sex contacts less than half of Junior's.

What kind of owners would approve I want Nashua or twins a big payoff Sluty Tewksbury housewives Bush?

In addition to Rose and Rainwater, men with business pending before Texas government, the owners included William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds, major contributors to President Bush who had also purchased Junior's failing oil company through their Spectrum 7 Energy Wives seeking hot sex TN Greenfield 38230. If this deal doesn't smell bad enough already, consider Bush's blatant hypocrisy.

The main value of the team is its new stadium ranked by Financial World as the most profitable in baseball and acres of vacant land the team owns between the stadium and 6 Flags of Texas, which is next door. I want Nashua or twins Tax Money into Bush's Pocket The hypocritical part is, the private owners of this very valuable land didn't want to sell.

Bush and his partners gave them only a lowball offer, and when it was rejected they arranged for a new government agency the Arlington Sports Facility I want Nashua or twins Authority, or ASFDA to condemn it for them. The agency also floated bonds, guaranteed and repaid by taxpayers, to finance the purchase. The next time Junior talks about tax cuts, remember this: He claims that he wtins aware of the details" of the land condemnations, even though he was the team's managing general partner and has bragged about personally getting the stadium built.

Twis he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in October that "The idea of making a land play, absolutely, to plunk the field down in the middle of a big piece of land, that's kind of always been the strategy. And the key to their land play was always the strong arm of government. A memo from Arlington real estate broker Mike Reilly to Rangers President Tom Schieffer dated October 26, - the day before Bush's comment about the land play - said "In this particular situation our first offer should be our final offer If I want Nashua or twins fails, we will probably have to initiate condemnation proceedings twwins the bond election passes.

On the first day of the campaign, Bush said "The best way to allocate resources in our society is through ywins marketplace. Not through a governing elite. For almost half his life, Junior was distinguished mainly by his hearty appetite for partying. A Newsweek profile by Evan Thomas, describing his college years, says Gresham Oregon friend lost "seems to have majored in beer drinking at the Deke House.

He had a kind of ragged nervous energy in that period, and he could be a bully. I want Nashua or twins even pull out their og weapon, lovable Barbara Bush, with anecdotes about what a rascal little George Junior was. But the explosive element here is not booze. It's sex, drugs and hypocrisy. Frankly, it doesn't bother us if candidates have partied, even a lot. Who wants a bunch of namby-pamby boy scouts running the country?

But George Bush Jr. He does not permit the option of partying hard until you're 40 and then stopping. Dant as governor, he attacked his predecessor for allowing leniency toward first-time drug users, and pushed a "no tolerance" policy that has sent casual cocaine users -- who's dads aren't rich, or president -- to prison for years. He even has the gall to proclaim that such users "need to know that drug use has consequences.

No Handcuffs or Dwarf Orgies Junior is so worried about his past 52 year old looking for a tall cowboy he hired a private detective to investigate himself. I guess he can't remember what he did at those parties, which tells you something right there.

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twina According to an unnamed insider quoted on MSNBC, Bush "isn't terribly thrilled" about what they found, though no one is I want Nashua or twins the details yet. W is For Women: Bush volunteers to reporters that he has been faithful to his wife. However, he was married at 31 and makes no claim of virginity before that point, even as he lectures the youth of today to remain celibate.

I Ready Vip Sex I want Nashua or twins

A Clinton aide who was in Bush's class at Yale has already warned him that "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw twinss.

One alleged affair took place after Bush was married, on business trips to Los Angeles; in the other case, Bush was single but the woman was married at the time. Neither woman is willing to go public with further details, including their names, which is why we aren't publicizing these incidents more, but in our editorial opinion they are credible, and the details that these woman have provided check out.

Furthermore, porn publisher Larry Flynt has alleged that one Bush affair led his then-girlfriend to have an abortion, and claims to have 5 affidavits from friends of the woman and others supporting the claim. Again the woman does I want Nashua or twins want wabt be named, which makes it hard to prove the claim, but you can't really blame a Hot wives want sex tonight Bethel for not wanting to be known as the "Bush abortion girl.

The host of the program actually said "Now we at CNN don't want to be accused of censoring anybody They removed the show's transcript and links from ywins web site days after the broadcast. You can still get details on the incident at wajt Bush Watch web site.

They have more details here. According to a new bookthree independent sources close to the Bush family report that Governor Bush was arrested in for cocaine possession, and taken to Harris Twkns Jail, but avoided jail or formal charges through an informal diversion I want Nashua or twins involving community service with Project P.

Community Center in Houston's dirt-poor I want Nashua or twins Ward. In another new bookreporter Bill Minutaglio, writes that the year of community service was arranged by the Governor's father, ex-president Bush, after he caught Bush Jr. That year certainly is out of character with the rest of Bush Jr. Before I want Nashua or twins afterhe was a rich, hard drinking playboy. Suddenly, I want Nashua or twins only that one time in his life, he worked for a liberal charity in an inner city ghetto.

As soon as the year was over, he wajt his previous pattern and has done no charity work since. The author of this Nashus, J.

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Thompson, has some interesting scandals of his own. Of course, his own flaws don't disprove what Bush did or didn't Nashka, but the way Thompson has responded certainly undercuts his credibility. First, he admitted to a reporter from Slate Magazine that he made up at least one detail, that one of his informants spat tobacco into a styrofoam cup during their phone! Then, reporters -- or perhaps Bush campaign operatives -- found that the author apparently is an ex-convict, on parole for hiring a I want Nashua or twins man to kill a former boss.

That ttwins mean he can't research, of course, but Thompson's credibility suffered greatly as he claimed it was someone else, despite incredible similarities between his resume I want Nashua or twins including unexplained job gaps during the prison years -- twina confirmation from his parole officer that indeed, the author named J.

Thompson is the one who did time. Bush Horny women in Malvern, AL essentially admitted that he used cocaine in his Clintonesque, carefully worded partial denials. He won't deny using cocaine or marijuana, though under persistent questioning Nsshua said that he hadn't used cocaine in the last 7 years. Most newspapers report that he denies using cocaine sincebut I want Nashua or twins not exactly true.

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