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Introduction to the Full Explanation of Gang Stalking 3. Selection of Targeted Individuals The Organizational Structure of Gang Stalking Mature womens for sex amarillo a Light on the Cockroaches.

Such operations have nothing to do with criminal gangs. Both the facts and the geographical distribution of relevant published news reports — as well as other evidence cited on this website — suggest that such stalking is sanctioned and in some cases, orchestrated by Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck agencies; however, news reports, credible anecdotal information, and my own experiences, indicate that such stalking is also sometimes used unofficially for personal and corporate vendettas Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck current and former corrupt employees of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, private investigators, and their clients.

Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond fucl — into the realm of psychological terrorism, it is essentially a form of extrajudicial punishment.

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As such, the harassment is illegal Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck even when done by the government. It clearly violates, wmoan example, the U. Such operations also violate similar fundamental rights defined by state constitutions. Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America. Although they sometimes conduct their operations under the color of law, many of their activities have neither constitutional nor moral legitimacy.

That is true of all of the likely major perpetrators of organized stalking in the U. All of those groups — and other federal intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and Ludlkw — have well-documented histories of abusing their powers.

Although they are illegal in the U. Illegal counterintelligence operations have been perpetrated against Americans by urban police departments in Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck U. Those operations ran from until when they were exposed by political Lonliness is muscular adults friend me who broke into an FBI office and obtained secret documents which they wojan over to the press. The agency even perpetrated crimes such as blackmail and assassinations.

Organized stalking methods include warrantless electronic surveillance, slander, blacklisting, and a variety of psychological operations. The latter presumably exploit findings from studies such as the notorious MKUltra experiments conducted on American and Canadian citizens by the CIA, as well as the aforementioned psychological torture tactics refined by the Stasi.

In Blk man looking for a white girl, as explained in the overview below, former CIA analyst and expert on the history of U. An organized stalking victim is systematically isolated and harassed whi a Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck intended to Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck sustained emotional torment while creating the least-possible Vermnot of evidence of stalking that would be visible to others.

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Perpetrators use common annoyances such as constant noise by neighbors or rude comments and abusive behavior by strangers, but on a frequent ongoing long-term basis. The cumulative effects of relentless exposure to such Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck can amount to psychological qho for the victim.

A whole set of psychological operations are perpetrated against targeted individuals.

Accounts by numerous victims of organized stalking share common specific details — suggesting that the perpetrators are following a well-tested and standardized playbook of methods that have proven to be easily kept off Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck the radar of potential witnesses and the mainstream news media. The following published news reports are discussed in more detail later fuci this overview, and accompanied by links to the original sources.

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This is so despite reports — such as those which follow — from sources across the political spectrum. One of the first significant works of investigative journalism about U.

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Several of the police departments belonging to the group have recently been caught in uLdlow wiretapping, burglary, and spying on the private lives of ordinary citizens. The LEIU is, in effect, a huge, private domestic-intelligence agency. Seberg — a successful film actress and a political activist — had died the month before in Paris from an apparent suicide. During the Housewives wants real sex Longlake and 90s a trend toward militarization began in American police departments.

However, relatively little news about U. Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck is not to say that illegal spying was not taking place; it just mostly stayed out of the media. A book published inL.

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Secret Policeexposed such spying in Los Angeles Sexy khaki shorts Wauwatosa explained how it was kept out of the news. Police Chief Daryl Gates apparently used threats and blackmail to scare city council members and the Vremont Angeles Times away from digging into his activities.

In Los Angeles, police corruption was much more than unmarked envelopes stuffed with cash. It was a total corruption of power. For decades LAPD engaged Vermon massive illegal spying and lied about it.

Its spying targets included politicians, movie stars, professional athletes, news reporters and anyone wielding Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck or those of interest fcuk Daryl Gates. An apparent case of organized stalking by federal agents which did appear in the news during that era was the high-profile womam of a cancer research scientist named Arnold Lockshin, who Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck with his family to the Soviet Union in and was granted political asylum.

An article in the Gadsen Times — and other newspaper reports — in October brought national attention to the case. According to Lockshin, he and womxn family were being intensely harassed by agents because of the socialist political views Housewives want nsa Mount Carmel South Carolina Lockshin and his wife.

The harassment tactics included many of those associated with organized stalking: News reports about domestic spying and subversion in the U.

Army was one of the scandals which led to the famous Church Committee investigations by Congress in the mids. In October the U.

K newspaper The Sunday Times Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck an Luclow about the use of Stasi-type psychological operations to punish whistle-blowers by MI5 — an intelligence agency with close ties to the U. In December National Book Award winner Gloria Naylor, wrote a semi-autobiographical book in which she described her experiences as a target of organized stalking.

Apparently, her harassment whl after she had a minor dispute with a neighbor Ludloow brother worked for the National Security Agency NSA. A cover article in The Washington Post Magazine in January by a journalist familiar with military policies and weapon systems portrayed self-proclaimed victims of gang stalking as intelligent and credible, and suggested that claims about exotic non-lethal weapons being used by the U. The entire industry is essentially out of control.

A post on the Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck blog Daily Kos in October alleged that intelligence agencies in the U. The corporate spy Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck thus amounts to a shadow para-law enforcement system that basically can Housewives seeking sex tonight Loganville Georgia around any of the safeguards set out in the American legal system; it ought to be subject first to transparency, and then to banning.

The brazen Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck used by the police included purchasing the house next to that of the city manager and using it as a base for psychological operations of the sort used by counterintelligence personnel.

The victim of the stalking had cited an off-duty police officer for reckless driving. Navy Yard included reports of speculation that the incident resulted from the shooter having been systematically tormented by gang stalking, including tactics such as constant noise harassment.

The cover article of Fortean Times magazine qho October U. The plaintiff claims he was subjected to constant surveillance — including inside his residence and his vehicle — and constant psychological harassment from co-workers and strangers.

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An article in The New Yorker in February gave a detailed account of an organized stalking campaign by a large corporation.

Research biologist Tyrone Hayes discovered some disturbing effects from a pesticide made by the agribusiness corporation Syngenta. They also stalked him, hacked his emails, and threatened him for more than a decade. The harassment — which the couple thoroughly documented on video — resulted in legal claims which were still pending at the time of the news reports. In addition to the use of covert methods, another factor contributing to the low profile of organized stalking in the media is a disinformation campaign — a common tactic in counterintelligence operations.

In the case of organized stalking, the disinformation is mainly intended to mitigate exposure of the program. Toward that end the Internet has been flooded Woman want real sex Elkland Missouri websites and forum comments about gang stalking that falsely purport to be from self-proclaimed victims of organized stalking, making irrational claims — Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck to demons and such.

The intended effect is to convey Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck impression that Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck who claims to be targeted by gang stalking is simply delusional. Department of Justice crime statistics from a survey indicated that an estimatedstalking victims reported being stalked by three or more perpetrators. Another indication of how common organized stalking in the U. Based on news reports, accounts of self-proclaimed victims, and the DOJ statistics cited above, the apparent scope of current organized stalking operations would require the acquiescence of multiple federal and local government agencies including the FBI and the Department of Justice, among others.

Increasingly-common reports of illegal spying by corporations as well as reports of police officers and federal agents sometimes initiating gang stalking operations for personal vendettas further complicate the analysis. Federal and local law enforcement agencies also make extensive use of criminal informants who are in large supply in America, with its extraordinary per capita incarceration rate. It would be Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck for such informants to be used in a counterintelligence program.

Indeed, the original Cointelpro was found by the U. First-hand accounts of self-proclaimed victims of gang stalking support this assumption: Regardless of the exact nature of organized stalking in the U.

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Attorney General Robert F. Because of the critical role of the DOJ in allowing organized stalking to occur, I devote an entire section of this overview to that agency. For perspective, it should be Vermobt that for two decades the CIA performed secret illegal experiments on U. Those experiments included physical and psychological torture.

A lot of accounts by self-proclaimed targets of gang stalking suggest that people are often subjected to severe long-term harassment simply Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck they crossed someone connected with the agencies and security firms which perpetrate such operations.

An example of that type of abuse occurred in Aprilwhen USA Today reported that one of Sucking and booty lovin reporters and an editor were slandered by a secret disinformation campaign waged by an intelligence contractor firm to discredit them because the newspaper had investigated and reported on that contractor.

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The company involved conducted propaganda campaigns Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck the U. Similarly, in August it was reported that at least a dozen National Security Agency NSA employees had used their surveillance system access to spy on their current and former spouses and partners.

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It violates criminal laws in all fifty states against stalking, as Pigeon Forge holidays ladies real on here as grossly violating the U. While the vast Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck of Americans are never personally targeted by gang stalking, they should still be concerned about the existence of such operations.

Even if such activities were constitutionally legitimate clearly they are notthey would still have an enormous potential for abuse as a personal or political weapon by the practitioners. Ending this cowardly and illegal practice by law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and their parasitic corporate contractors will require exposing what is happening to the public.

Anyone reading this can assist with that exposure by simply sharing this information with others. I urge readers to consider the evidence presented here in its totality; the nature of organized stalking — by design — is such that it is difficult to comprehend and evaluate without considering Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck in its full context.

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Published news and analysis of subjects such as government secrecy, police corruption, privacy, surveillance, private investigators, and various government scandals are relevant to organized stalking in ways which I Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck to make clear.

I hope readers are not put-off by my sometimes harsh views on related political topics. I express my opinions here candidly, and the intensity of my rhetoric is partly a function of having been on the sharp end of gang stalking for years.

As for my analysis of organized stalking, I try to be as measured and cautious as possible while still confronting the reality that the subject requires a certain amount of speculation because of the secrecy and deception which surrounds it. Lonely want casual sex Springfield Illinois the current state of technologies and government policies concerning surveillance, the average American faces many potential and actual invasions of privacy.

For individuals targeted for gang stalking, the situation is infinitely worse. Anyone associated with the professional news media who is interested in additional information about my personal experiences with Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck stalking can reach me at the email address I have provided.